(Mostly) Friendly Animals Of The World

A beautiful thing about life is interacting with animals. Some come to my doorstep. Others I encounter on my travels.

Matilda is a squirrel who has been coming to my door for years. She is deserving of her own post, probably.

IMG_0436DSCN6954 DSCN6335

Max was a dog in the neighborhood who would behave like Matilda. I’m not sure who started visiting first. They coexisted.DSCN0021

French, Greek, and Venetian cats and dog. The goat, donkey, and bulls are from Provence. The donkey was rescued from dire straits in the Camargue and lives on a goat farm. Who knew that one could rescue a donkey?

DSCN5220 IMG_0127 DSCN5459 DSCN5474DSCN5476 DSCN5786  DSCN6723 DSCN6877

Siamese Cat-like Squirrel On My Deck. I wonder if she knows she looks different?


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